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Spray Tanning 101

Updated: Mar 5, 2019

We’re sharing everything you need to know to have the best tan every time!

How does it work?

Our formulas work with the melanin in your skin to bronze your skin for 7-10 days. The tanning ingredient, DHA, in our solution reacts with your skin to temporarily darken the skin.

Preparing for your tan

You'll want to shave/wax & exfoliate before your tanning session. This is to avoid patchiness & give you the most long lasting tan. Wear a dark bathing suit/undergarments or your birthday suit - its totally up to you! You will need to remove any makeup before your tan. Make sure to schedule any pedicures/waxing/workouts the day prior or day after to avoid streaking. Your tan will dry in minutes and you can wear normal clothes home.

Post Spray Tan

Avoid any swimming, sweating, crying, and rain until your first shower. Your development time will depend on the solution chosen for you. For the fiji express, you can shower in 2-3 hours (it is not recommended to wait more than 3 hours to shower with this solution, especially if you have fair skin). For the Tahitian tan you will need to wait 8 hours until you shower. Avoid scrubbing during your shower, let the water run over you to stop the development process. Stay moisturized for the best results!

What is the difference between the 8 hour tan and the 2 hour tan?

If you choose the 8 hour tan you will need to wait 8 hours until you shower for your tan to fully develop. The 2 hour tan takes 8 hours to develop, but you will need to shower 2-3 hours after your session. The 2 hour tan still takes a minimum of 8 hours for development (example: if you take a shower after 2 hours, full color won’t develop until 6 hours later.) Leave on 2 hours for a natural glow, or 3 hours for a darker color.

What brand do you use?

We use South Seas, which is free of parabens, gluten, & alcohol. It is also cruelty free!

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