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Hair Services

Studio Style & Spa's stylists operate on a level pricing model. This allows us to give more options to our guests to meet their beauty budget needs, it keeps our stylists accountable and motivated, and it rewards our stylists for their hard work. The Tiers are not necessarily based on experience. Stylists must meet certain criteria in order to advance to a new level; education and performance based.   

Tier 1  Tier 2  Tier 3  Tier 4 

Shampoo Cut & Style

$47    $52    $57    $62

Shampoo, cut and curls or flat ironing. 

Men's Haircut

$26    $28   $30    $32

Child's Haircut

$15    $17    $19    $21

12 years old and under. Does not include shampoo or styling.

Shampoo & Blow Dry 


Shampoo, blow dry and curls or flat ironing. 

Conditioning Treatment


Consult with your stylist about improving shine, diminishing frizz, adding moisture or cutting down blow dry time.

Keratin Blowout


This hair-smoothing treatment temporarily coats the outer layer of the hair to smooth the hair, remove frizz, enhance shine and decrease blow-drying time. Please note sulfate free shampoo must be used in order to keep the treatment in your hair. Perfect for all hair types. Lasts 6-8 weeks.

Smoothing System


Blocks humidity and eliminates frizz, increases manageability, delivers luminous shine, dramatically reduces blow-dry time, enhances color vibrancy. Perfect for all hair types. Last up to 5 months.

Maintenance Toner


Remove unwanted yellow/brassy tones between appointments, refresh your color, and add shine. Blow dry and styling included.

Custom Hair Extensions

We use several different methods to achieve the look you're going for! Extensions are great for adding volume, thickness and/or length. Pricing can be determined during a quick consultation. 

Color Packages

Our color packages include your custom color, shampoo and style. All color packages that require lightening your hair include a custom tone glaze to achieve the perfect tone. Please note our color packages are a base price and do not include a haircut or additional color that may be needed for extra thick or long hair. We recommend a quick 15 minute, in person consultation for quotes. 

Tier 1   Tier 2   Tier 3   Tier 4 

The Classic

$80  /  $85  /  $90  / $95

A traditional one color service, usually the same color as your hair or darker. 

The Traditional

$105 / $110  /  $115  / $120

Traditional techniques to brighten or add depth around the face and throughout the top section of your hair. Perfect for a subtle change with dimension. 

The Studio

$125 / $130  /  $135  / $140

Typically includes traditional techniques to brighten or add depth throughout each section of the hair. This can include a new look but not a complete overhaul.

The Beauty

$150 / $155  /  $160  / $165

Love low maintenance looks and going longer in between hair appointments? This is for you! Includes most “lived-in” looks. Specialty and trending techniques are typically used in this package.

The Luxe

$160 / $165  /  $170/ $175

A complete transformation, typically using specialty techniques.

Vivid/Corrective Color 

$70 / $75  / $80/ $85

Hourly rate. Old box color? Looking for unicorn hair? This is for you! Consultation required.

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