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Hair must be the length of a grain of rice to wax. 

Please note, we advise scheduling your wax appointment 2-7 days after your last retinol or topical prescription application, 2 weeks after finishing antibiotics, 6mo-1 year after finishing Accutane.

Eyebrows - $20
Lip - $9
Chin -$12
Nose - $7
Full Face - $35+
Full Leg - $100+
Half Leg - $67+
Bikini - $42+
Extensive Bikini - $55+
Brazilian - $80
Back - $60+
Underarms - $30+
Chest - $62+

NEW* Vajacial & Brazilian Wax - $120

NEW* Vajacial - $75 

includes a mask, extractions, and high frequency treatment.

Enjoy 20% off all waxing with our apprentice esthetician, Maura!

IMG_4506 (1).jpg


Express includes: Nail work, and polish.
Express Pedi includes soak, nail work and polish.
Spa includes: Soak, scrub, massage, nail work, buffing, and polish. 

Express Manicure - $30
Spa Manicure - $35
Gel X Overlay Manicure - $45 (no tips)
Gel X with Tips Manicure - $65
Gel Manicure - $40-$45

Gel removal - $8
Dip add on - $20
Dip soak off - $15
French tip - $10
Jelly add on - $10 

Spa Pedicure - $54
Express Pedicure - $42

Lash & Brow

Lash Tinting - $25
Brow Tinting - $20

Brow Stain - $35
Lash & Brow Tinting - $40

Brow Wax - $20
Eyelash Perm- $70

Eyelash Perm + Tint - $90 

Brow Lamination - $60 

(Brow tinting is typically recommended with lamination)

Lash and Brow
Lash Extensions

Lash Extensions

Classic Full Set -$105 / Fill in - $65

Perfect for a natural look. The classic set adds length and minimal fullness to your actual lash, 1:1 ratio of false lash to your real lash. 

Hybrid set - $115 / Fill in - $65

mix of classic and volume lashes, adds more fullness than a classic set without being as bold as a volume set

Volume set - - $125 / Fill in - $65

maximum fullness, multiple false lashes attached to each individual natural lash.

Full set: Initial set of eyelash extensions, book a full set if you’ve never had lash extensions or more than 50% of your lash extensions are gone.


Fill in: Done every 2-3 weeks after initial set, if more than 50% of your lashes have fallen off or you book after the three week mark you will be charged for a full set.

Available beginning April 1st, 2023!

Lash Extension

how should I prepare for my lash appointment?

come with clean natural lashes, any eye makeup has to be removed! dress comfy, you’ll be lying down during lash appointments for a couple hours! avoid caffeine, too much caffeine can cause your eyelids to flutter, making it hard to lash during appointments


how do I care for my lash extensions?
don’t get wet for the first 24 hours, avoid rubbing or pulling your eyes, no eyelash curlers, use only oil FREE makeup remover, keep lashes clean, water based mascaras only (no oil based or waterproof) avoid rubbing lashes after showering, blot them dry with a towel or allow them to air dry or you can use a blow dryer on a cool setting which will add fluffiness to your lashes. Use care when applying facial products around the eye, oil based products break down lash adhesive.


Do I need to wear mascara?
You don’t need to wear mascara with lash extensions, but if you feel like you want to wear some, use only lash extension safe or water- based mascaras, no oil based or waterproof mascaras


Do lash extensions damage your lashes?
when applied properly and taken care of, lash extensions don’t damage your natural lashes! Your natural lashes shed every 60-90 days as new ones grow in. Lash extensions are applied to all healthy grown eyelashes.

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