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7 Ways to Save Money at EVERY Appointment

Here are a few tips and tricks for saving money at your next appointment.

1. Refer your friends.

Referring your friend to your favorite stylist, aesthetician or massage therapist, will get you $20 off your next appointment, and $20 off your friends next appointment! The service must be $60 or more, and your friend must come to the appointment before you receive $20 off. The best perk of the refer a friend program is that as you keep referring new friends to us, we keep giving you $20 off your appointment! Meaning, if you typically get your hair done every 6-8 weeks, you just have to refer about one friend a month (how easy!) to get money off every appointment. Ask your stylist for a referral card at your next appointment!

2. Stay up to date on our monthly specials.

We have specials that run 8 weeks at a time, often discounting retail and services. We share our specials on our website and facebook page.

3. Follow us on social media.

Don't just follow us, follow your stylist as well! Often times if a stylist gets a last minute cancellation, they will post that opening on their facebook or instagram and offer a discount to fill the appointment time. We tend to post weekly specials for stylist on our facebook page if a stylist is having a slow week, or we are trying to market a new service/product. Just mention that you saw the special when making your appointment on the phone.

4. "Check in" on Facebook for 10% off products.

You can "check in" on facebook, letting your friends know you're at Studio Style and Spa, every appointment for 10% off your products!

5. Take advantage of new client perks.

We love new clients, so we like to show how much we appreciate you for choosing us. At your first appointment, you'll receive 3 discounts for your first 3 visits. The first coupon can only be redeemed at your first appointment, which offers 20% off all products you buy that day (including BareMinerals make-up and murad). The second coupon is redeemed at your second appointment for a free brow wax or conditioning treatment. The third coupon is 20% off a service you haven't experienced before.

6. Prebook your next spa appointment.

We offer $10 off your next massage appointment if you prebook. We also offer discounts if you book standing appointments with our aesthetician, Jessie, she offers varying amounts off depending on the service. All you have to do is come to your appointments! (Does not apply if you cancel or reschedule).

7. Subscribe to our emails.

We have an automated email system that randomly selects clients to send discounts on services and products. This system will also send you discounts that apply to you entire birthday month! If you would like to subscribe to this service just let us know what your email address is.

Things to keep in mind:

- ALWAYS mention when booking your appointment that you have a coupon, whether its for a free service or a percentage off.

- Discounts and promotions cannot be combined.

- Promotions are often only offered for limited times.

- Always ask any necessary questions to make sure your coupon/promotion will apply correctly.

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