Frequently asked questions

If my gift certificate is for a certain service, can I use it for a different service?

Yes. Gift certificates can be used for the monetary amount on any service or retail product.

Do you offer fake/acrylic nails?

No, we use OPI gel polish, which is OPI's version of shellac.

Why is a trim the same price as a "regular" haircut?

There really isn't a difference between a trim and "regular" haircut besides the amount of length being cut off. The service generally takes the same amount of time, skill, and effort, so it is priced the same.

Is the stylist level system based on experience?

No. Our level system is based on the demand of the stylist's time. If a stylist is booked well in advance, the demand on their time is higher, so their level is higher. Typically stylist with more experience tend to have busier schedules since they have had more time to build a clientele, but this is not always the case. We are always happy to let you know how experienced a stylist is if this is important to you.

Do you travel for hair and make-up for wedding parties?

Yes! We just require a $20 fee per service. For example, if both hair and make-up services are done, it will be an additional $40.

What is the difference between a spa pedicure and an express pedicure?

A spa pedicure includes a soak, srub, massage, buffing, nail work, and polish. The express pedicure includes a soak, nail work and polish.