Corona Virus Updates & Protocol

Requirements for your Appointment

Last updated 5/27/2021 

New Virginia Guidelines and CDC state that employees and clients that are vaccinated no longer have to wear masks indoors beginning 5/28/2021 at midnight. 


As vaccines become more readily available we are continuing to follow good safety practices as recommended by the CDC and required by local and state authorities. Because of legal confidentiality and privacy requirements, we cannot share with you information regarding the vaccine status of any of our staff. If you feel more comfortable with your service provider wearing a mask, please let them know and they will gladly wear a mask during your appointment if they are not already. 

All government guidelines will continue to be followed in addition to additional precautions we have in place. You must reschedule your appointment if you have a fever, or if you have been exposed to covid-19. 

Gift certificates that have expired during our closure or will expire soon will be permitted to use until 06/30/21.